access-meldMELD is ACCESS’ ELD curriculum, which addresses the language needs of 6th-12th graders, Intermediate and above on the CELDT. The two major parts of California’s 2012 ELD standards – Interacting in Meaningful Ways and Learning about How English Works – drive MELD development. The curriculum can be accessed through the folders below or by joining our EL Services group on Edmodo. Curriculum and resources for younger ELs – at all CELDT proficiency levels – as well as 6th-12th grade ELs, Beginning-Early Intermediate, are also available; please contact an EL Services team member for these resources.

Suggested MELD Calendar

Dates Function
January-February Explain & Describe
March-April Sequence
May-June College & Career Readiness
July-August Proposition & Support
September- October Compare & Contrast
November-December Cause & Effect

May-June Function: College & Career Readiness

The 2017 College and Career Readiness function is especially relevant to all students – and not just ELs. The essential question is “How do I build a successful life?”. Students engage in activities to define college and career readiness – and to individually define what it means to live a good life. Students are asked to think, talk, read, and write about how school can help them become college/career/life ready. Socio-emotional skills such as decision-making and goal-setting are also addressed in addition to the functional and conversational language skills needed to interact in meaningful ways throughout life. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, Alejandra Valencia, Brianne Parker, or your RELL if you need help implementing this function.

Featured Video

“Understanding by Design” refers to the principle that we teach and assess for understanding and transfer. Hear more about how to develop lessons and units – incorporating the principles of backwards design – by viewing the video below. We use this backwards design model that we learned in our Constructing Meaning training to develop MELD.

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